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Herd Health

  • Record analysis

  • Vaccination protocols

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Certificates of veterinary inspection

  • Dehorning


Reproduction Programs

  • Traditional pregnancy diagnosis and individual cow infertility therapy.

  • Ultrasound early pregnancy diagnosis

  • Herd infertility work-ups

  • Heat synchronization programs are modified and designed to fit the individual farm's needs

  • Abortion diagnostics


Embryo Transfer

  • Complete super-ovulation programs available with the ability to freeze and store domestic embryos

  • Transfer of your purchased frozen embryos by 4-step or direct transfer methods

  • Sales of frozen embryos from top-quality Vermont and Wisconsin dairy herds


Dairy Replacement Heifer Management

  • Newborn health care

  • Colostrum quality measurement and management

  • Strategic De-worming Program designed for individual farms and age groups

Milk Quality

  • SCC and Quality troubleshooting to improve milk check premiums

  • Milking System Equipment Analysis (no parts or repairs) - COMING SOON!

  • Milking procedures and hygiene on-farm visits and work-up

  • Milking personnel technique evaluation and education

  • Individual cow mastitis clinical case culture for causative bacteria


Dry & Transition Cow Management/Monitoring

  • Use of NEFA (non-esterified fatty acids) and BHBA (beta-hydroxy butyric acid) testing to identify transition cow issues

  • Develop Transition Dry Cow Grouping Strategy

  • Body Condition Scoring on a monthly and/or weekly basis to prevent metabolic disease

  • Anionic Salt (DCAD) feeding monitor by Urine pH testing close up/pre-fresh cows


Necropsy and Diagnostic Testing Services


"Successful uterine torsion calving. Both the calf and Momma are doing well too... this gal is already eating now. Just picture having to roll this cow 180 degrees twice!"

-Dr. Katie Jackson

Basic Costs for our Smaller Farms
Please note our basic costs below. Additional charges may apply. Payment is expected at the time of the visit. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Please call 802-758-6888 if you are interested in becoming a client. We serve Addison County.
* Call charge (cost for us to drive to your home/farm for each visit: To be determined by vet depending on location.
* Professional Time/hour: $180 (time spent is prorated)
 *Fecal lab test qualitative: $10, Quantitative: $20 
* Emergency fee day time: $52
* Emergency fee weekends/nights: $80
Castration: Call charge + professional time/hour.
Dehorn: Call charge + professional time/hour.

Cost for medicines will vary depending on the medicine and the amount given.

Veterinarian's Oath

As a member of the veterinary medical profession, I solemnly swear that I will use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society. I will strive to promote animal health and welfare, relieve animal suffering, protect the health of the public and environment, and advance comparative medical knowledge.

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