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Meet our new veterinarian, Gabi Lumkes!  Learn about raising calves in pairs, Spanish language services offered, and news from the milk quality lab. 



Have you heard of Strongyloides papillosus? An intestinal parasite that can cause sudden death in heifers is easy to treat. Consider Selective Dry Cow Treatment to conserve our limited supply of dry cow antibiotics, and help prevent spread of Covid-19 to keep Addison county farm families healthy. 


Focus on fly control this summer by preventing their reproduction using various methods. Meet Steph Bandoski, Valleywide's new veterinarian who starts in July.


FALL 2021

Learn how to choose an effective calcium supplement for your fresh cows. Watch for signs of Mycoplasma on your farm, and see how Valleywide's milk quality lab tests for it. Lastly, practice your Spanish/English skills with an article on CL's in dairy cows. 

myco incubation.jpeg


Look at your calf electrolyte label to make sure it has the best ingredients at the right levels to treat calves with mild to moderate diarrhea. Get up to date on pinkeye and your options to treat and prevent it. Also, all clients are welcome to our annual producer dinner, details inside.


Could calf lung ultrasound or an activity monitor system help your farm? Learn about how these new technologies work and several ways they can be utilized to save time and improve animal health. 

Calf Lung Ultrasound_edited.jpg
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